Weekend in Stockholm

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So we spent this past weekend in Stockholm (only a 40-minute plane ride, though the transport to and from the airports add us as well) and are just now recovering from it. On the up side, though, my deep love for non-LA public transportation remains intact. Gads, I wish I’d grown up somewhere with a decent subway system. Mental note — slipping and slogging your way through winter streets in a large city is much harder than it looks, especially when you’re wearing several pounds of bulky winter clothing o.O It was still fun and very pretty, though! We stayed with …

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First snowstorm!

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We had our first few days of real snow last week! Considering you can count the number of times I’ve seen snow in my life on two hands (in southern California, snow wasn’t weather so much as a destination — you had to drive a ways to get to it), it was pretty exciting. It all melted away yesterday, though, because the temperatures warmed up and now all we have is boring ol’ rain again. It should be cold enough by next month that it’ll come down and stay there, though. I’m really excited to have my first white Christmas! …

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