The 2015 harvest season begins!

This year’s harvest season started a little late, thanks to the mild spring extending into a cooler-than-normal summer. Along with the regular rainfall, this led to abundant flowers that resulted in what is looking like a bumper crop for many of our fruits. Above, my first strawberry harvest from the first weekend of July. These strawberries are typically ready by mid-June. However, once they started, I was pretty much out in that strawberry field every few days keeping those plants picked clean. Half of them went into the freezer for later use (mostly the ugly ones, which are better for incorporating …

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Midsummer Garden Tour

Even though this year’s midsummer was mostly spent inside due to it raining all day, I had a chance to nip out in the morning and snap some pictures for my mid-season garden tour. This was the year that I was FINALLY able to get some major work done in my vegetable garden. Some design ideas are also starting to take shape for the various flower beds around the property, which I spent a few years observing before deciding what was going to stay and go. This was also the year that I started harvesting cut flowers for bouquets, such as …

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In the garden again, finally!

The in-laws took Blob for the afternoon and I was finally able to make some serious progress with my veggie patch this weekend. Behind the mound of soil, you can see two herb boxes which have been cleaned out and moved into their new positions for this year. The one on the left is filled with mint, lavender, sweet basil and chives currently. More herbs to join the lineup as time permits. The lavender and chives are actually leftovers from seeds I planted two years ago, believe it or not. Didn’t even notice them until I weeded all the grass …

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White Leek and Pear Soup

Another recipe from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I had to try because I absolutely love leeks. Wasn’t as sold on adding fruit to it, but figured the baby would certainly enjoy it. He’s got a big thing for fruit and veggie combos, probably because of the sweet factor. This is the Baby’s Vichyssoise (White Leek Soup) recipe, as excerpted by Bon Appetit magazine. Please refer there for recipe and method. The two first veggie soups happen to be the only things that are suitable for feeding a baby under 1 year, so I probably won’t get around to cracking that book …

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Spinach Zucchini Soup

Taking a break from reviewing storebought foods today to share a fast and tasty pureed spinach soup I found last week! This was excerpted from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I have only scanned but do plan on reading thoroughly one of these days. You can never have too many tips on healthy eating habits, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also curious to learn how Europeans encourage adventurous eaters, since I’m sure it’s completely different from the way my mom went about it. Same results, different paths — I’m hoping there are gentler options than what I grew …

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Accidental asparagus.

Okay, so I might have been lying in my last post when I said I hadn’t harvested anything else this year. Looking through my camera downloads, it seems that I also managed to grab 300g of feral asparagus for the freezer on the first of June. Considering that most of June and July are a sleep-deprived blur, it’s no wonder that I totally do not recall doing this. I’m lucky I didn’t harvest something horrible poisonous instead, I was such a walking zombie. At least I’m consistent about photographing everything to make up for my appalling lack of memory. We have …

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2013 Harvest, totals and comparisons.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

A gallery of our 2013 harvest, which ended up being mostly fruit since I didn’t get around to tending the vegetable garden enough to get anything out of it. The fruit trees and bushes did quite well on their own, though, which is one of the best reasons to always have them around. And some number crunching: 2012 season 06/09 – 15L rhubarb (chopped & frozen) 06/17 – 350g spinach (frozen) 06/18 – 145g lettuce & greens (frozen) 06/27 – 340g spinach (frozen) 220g lettuce & greens (frozen) 06/28 – 8 wild strawberries (eaten) 07/01 – 150g oregano leaves (frozen) …

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2013 Garden Review: Fruit & Veg Edition

This gallery contains 16 photos.

This would be my annual spring photodump of pictures from last year’s vegetable garden. It is mostly to help me remember what I tried and whether or not it worked out. Last year’s garden was mostly planted in plastic soil bags and a few planters. It didn’t get too far for the same reason as the flowers — the weather just wasn’t that cooperative. In fact, I really don’t remember harvesting much more than some cilantro and spinach. We’ll see how this year goes.

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How does your garden grow? 2013 season

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Last year, I started taking pictures of my vegetable garden out the kitchen window with the intent of creating a stop-motion movie of it growing over the warm season. That didn’t end up happening for a long stretch of time, thanks to reality intruding on my plans. However, I did save enough for the photo gallery below. Interesting to note that last year, the snow was on the ground well into April, whereas this year it already looks like May outside. I’m going to set a repeating alarm on my phone starting this weekend, to remind me to take a picture …

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2012 Summer Garden Review: Fruit & Veg Edition

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Right around now, when your eyes are inundated with the glare of white snow as far as you can see, it’s nice to think about the equally blinding green that will take over a few months later. Seriously, I’m looking at these pictures and squinting from green overload. I don’t remember it being quite as overwhelming in person, but then again, I was probably wearing sunglasses for most of the time. So, as I did last year, here is our summer garden in review. Edible things edition first.

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