The post where I talk about vaccinations.

No, this is totally not one of those posts where I weigh the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations. Because really, if you don’t know by now, I’m very squarely in the “yay, science and medicine!” camp. No question about it. Rather, this is the post where I share what I’ve learned about the differences in vaccination schedules between what my kids will be getting in Finland versus what they would have gotten if they were born in the US. Also, how that differs from what I got as a kid born in Taiwan. And then I show you guys …

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August in Taiwan Photo Album (in which there is snake!)

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In late August of 2012, I had to return to Taiwan due to familial obligations. Afterwards, we spent a bit of time exploring some local attractions that I didn’t get a chance to see last time we were there. This included sampling some of the more unique food offerings at a night market. Hence the snake. Amongst other things.

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July in Taiwan Show and Tell Picture Show

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Back in July 2012, the hubby and I (and both sets of parents, plus his sister) spent most of our July in Taiwan, hitting up a handful of the more popular touristy spots. I shared some of these photos on Facebook when we got back, but haven’t had time to actually post in more detail, thanks to the craziness that started right after we got back. Here’s my chance to finally do so!

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Why my luggage is never stolen, or, London Food Haul 2011

A continuation of the gallery from yesterday, in a way. This is all the stuff that I could carry in my checked-in luggage from that same trip back in 2011. Besides being deterred by my gaudily bright-pink-patterned suitcase set, I’m pretty sure that any would-be thief who peeked inside said suitcases and saw the cumbersome pile of cheap foreign food items would just give up the situation as Totally Not Worth It. Except that it was totally worth it to me, given the difficulty in obtaining some of said items in our little corner of the country.

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The one with the dumplings.

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Wow, look what I found lurking in my old to-post folder! The last batch of photos from my London work trip back in spring of 2011. Yeah, the one where it became my mission in life to order steamed dumplings from every place within delivery range that made them. Seriously, I’ve got the pictures to prove it. It was an obsession. Just thinking about the woeful lack of delivery dumplings here makes me sad. It’s almost criminal. Why do you hate me so, Finland?

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I didn’t have a lot of time to browse for fashion-related stuff this trip, owing to our tight shooting schedule. However, I did stop by the mall next-door on my penultimate day and browsed haphazardly through several stores. Had to be careful with my purchases because I was getting close to the weight limit for my luggage. Luckily, jewelry is light and could be stuffed in my hand luggage. Dangly robots! Chunky roses! And a charm necklace that just screams “wear me to work”! Ah, Topshop — Forever 21’s older sibling with a better PR rep, but the same instantly-gratifying-yet-ultimately-disposable …

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More random London pictures.

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No, really — unless you are my parents, you probably won’t be interested in these pictures. Just stuff that I snapped here and there in my wanderings, of dubious interest and usually bad resolution. Motorbike protest outside of Piccadilly station. Very loud, so you might want to turn down the speakers if they’re on. Pretty view above Fort Horsted of the surrounded Kent countryside and beyond. Drive-by scenery of Kent. More drive-by scenery.    

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