Pin There, Done That: Sensory Bottles, Part 1

This was one of those projects that I had been meaning to make since Blob was one, but didn’t get around to doing until January of this year. To be fair, though, there is far less choice for large, sturdy plastic bottles in Finland, since they are considered horribly wasteful. Innocent Juice made the ones I was most happy with, so I started saving my juice bottles after we were done with them. The plastic is not as thick as I would like, but still highly resilient to toddler abuse. The mouth is wide enough to fit a variety of items …

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A Year of Blob… with bonus tractor ridin’ action!

Our little dude turned 1 this weekend. 1 year! It mostly passed in a sleep-deprived haze, but we’re still very pleased to watch him turning into his own little person. So many infant things to pack away, even as our living room is rapidly filling up with clunky, loud toddler things. Well, let’s save the sentimental stuff for later — today, I mostly wanted to share this video of Blob playing with his favorite birthday toy, a riding tractor! His father apparently had a similar one when he was the same age, so insisted on getting it. I was rather …

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Ways to traumatize your infant.

How many of you guys remember that episode of X-Files with the icky fluke guy who had a leech-like mouth and lived in the sewers? Yeah. So I’m browsing through a site with baby paraphernalia, as I am wont to do these days, and I see this: Seriously, please tell me I’m not the only one that sees the resemblance. Maybe it’s just a particularly bad angle, but this thing terrified me when I scrolled by it. Are there people out there who really give this to their child so that baby can look like he’s French kissing a menacing …

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