Top Ten: Things to Do Before Going Into Labor

Sure, there’s the obvious things. Wash and store all the baby clothes, blankets, small toys, etc? Check. Make and freeze enough food to feed a small army? Check. Buy and practice using the pram/travel system/car seat? Check. Clean the house. Check. These are the smaller things that flit through my head under the “that’d be a really good idea; I should remember that” category. Not completely necessary, but things that would make life that much easier. 10. Manicure and pedicure. Given, I haven’t really been in contact (I occasionally see a peek when I’m lying down, but mostly they’re obscured by …

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Top Ten: Hard Core Costuming Moments.

I’ve been cleaning up my portfolio and putting together a nice website lately, and coming across some of these photos put a smile on my face. There’s nothing quite like independent filmmaking to bring out both your creative side and your survival instincts. Sometimes simultaneously. Top Ten Hard Core Costuming Moments, behind the cut, with random shoutouts to Rockin’ Raquel and Daniela The Dinosaur. Good times, guys 🙂

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Top Ten: Frugality is the new black.

Being the children of Asian immigrant parents, my brothers and I often poked fun at the extreme limits of frugality that our family went to growing up. However, I’ll readily admit that it was partly due to absorbing this trait that I was able to live comfortably (if not extravagantly) through a childhood spent in the last recession, nearly a decade of university apartment life, and now this latest economic downturn. There’s limits to what you want to try to make with gum and duct tape, of course, but there are other simple things that we do around the house …

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