Mystery Meat: Pâté of Ungulate

Today’s Mystery Meat comes to us courtesy of the specialty foods store in Stockholm Arlanda airport. Yeah, I know I won’t win any points for classy presentation with these photos, but these were just quick snacks that I snapped pictures of on the way to the table. Were I serving this for guests, I’dve probably chosen a nicer plate, prettier crackers, and encased the pâté in a pastry skin or something. But that wouldn’t have looked as much like a mystery meat, would it? These tasty chunks of pâté were a fine example of native Scandinavian wildlife. That ought to …

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Weekend in Stockholm

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So we spent this past weekend in Stockholm (only a 40-minute plane ride, though the transport to and from the airports add us as well) and are just now recovering from it. On the up side, though, my deep love for non-LA public transportation remains intact. Gads, I wish I’d grown up somewhere with a decent subway system. Mental note — slipping and slogging your way through winter streets in a large city is much harder than it looks, especially when you’re wearing several pounds of bulky winter clothing o.O It was still fun and very pretty, though! We stayed with …

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Day 5.

Ah, the buttcrack of dawn. Something I only tend to see when traveling, because they only thing that can get me out of bed that early is a plane departing the country. I must apologize to megolas for the racket I made packing and lugging my bags around before I left. She was a most gracious hostess and I will miss her most-entertaining company greatly. An hour on the bus and another hour on the Underground took me back to Heathrow. Passing through security and various checkpoints with no hitches and hours to spare, I grabbed breakfast at that Irish …

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