White Leek and Pear Soup

Another recipe from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I had to try because I absolutely love leeks. Wasn’t as sold on adding fruit to it, but figured the baby would certainly enjoy it. He’s got a big thing for fruit and veggie combos, probably because of the sweet factor. This is the Baby’s Vichyssoise (White Leek Soup) recipe, as excerpted by Bon Appetit magazine. Please refer there for recipe and method. The two first veggie soups happen to be the only things that are suitable for feeding a baby under 1 year, so I probably won’t get around to cracking that book …

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Spinach Zucchini Soup

Taking a break from reviewing storebought foods today to share a fast and tasty pureed spinach soup I found last week! This was excerpted from Karen LeBillon’s “French Kids Eat Everything” book, which I have only scanned but do plan on reading thoroughly one of these days. You can never have too many tips on healthy eating habits, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also curious to learn how Europeans encourage adventurous eaters, since I’m sure it’s completely different from the way my mom went about it. Same results, different paths — I’m hoping there are gentler options than what I grew …

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