Spring garden rush has begun.

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The evenings are still just a couple degrees above 0C, but daytime temps are now between 10-20C and very sunny, so it’s definitely spring. Everything is budding, flowers are starting to appear and butterflies are everywhere. I’ve started cleaning up the garden and grounds best as I can, though I’m sure it will take at least a few years before everything is under control. So far, I’ve cleaned up the dead matter from the perennial beds around the house, pruned two raspberry hedges and a grapevine. Definitely have the beginnings of a huge new compost heap in the corner of …

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Last of early seed starting.

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I did the last batch today, so now all my cucurbits/melons/squashes and tomatoes/eggplants/etc. are cozy in their little plastic incubators. I already can see a few germinated pumpkin seeds from the ones I planted Monday! I’ll wait until they actually sprout before proclaiming it a milestone, though 🙂 But still, pumpkins in Finland! I’m so excited.  

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Spring is here! Sort of.

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At least, the calendar says it is. The snow is also mostly gone and the ice is nearly melted off all the bodies of water. The leaves aren’t out on the trees yet, but we’re seeing all kinds of stuff starting to emerge. Like these pretty little snowdrops sprouting right next to our building. It’s still damp outside and I’ve been warned that the ground might still be frozen a couple of inches down, so I haven’t actually put a shovel to the large garden plot at the new house yet. However, the gorgeous sunny days make me want to …

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The Garden: June in Finland

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Just a quick pictorial update of what’s been going on in the VK garden. June is the first month here when it’s warm enough to work outside daily and leave seedlings in the ground with no fear of frost. So, this past week and this coming week will pretty much be a gardening frenzy as I try to make up for a late start.  

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The Garden: Expanding Up and Out

A week and a half since my last garden update, but these super-long northern summer days mean that we’ve had more than two weeks worth of sun in between. And it shows! You can practically hear the plants growing. I’ve already harvested three colanders full of salad from my box of lettuce and it’s still going strong. The extremely short nights (it doesn’t really get dark anymore, just this twilightish sort of glow for a few hours between midnight and 3AM) mean that the soil is never really cooling down, so the plants are fast forwarding through their development like …

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