Burritos and Boba!

A tribute to one of my favorite meals when in California, a calorie-laden multi-cultural mishmash that could exist nowhere else: a Rubio’s shrimp burrito and a Lollicup Thai milk tea boba. I highly recommend trying both if you are ever in the Southern California area! (Yes, we were briefly in SoCal last month. Longer post to follow about wackyfuntimes taking a 1 year old across ten time zones. o.O)

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Baja Shrimp Burritos (and How to Fold a Non-Spilling Burrito)

Last week, I posted a Spanish rice recipe — these burritos happen to be the main dish I use it for. Back in Cali, one of my favorite “fast food” places was Rubio’s, a West coast chain that specializes in fish tacos and the like. Their langostino and shrimp burritos were a staple of my university days and something I still have to get every time I get the chance. What I show below is the closest I’ve come to making an acceptable substitute while halfway across the world in a country not exactly known for its wealth of Mexican ingredients. It’s not quite …

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Seafood Risotto

I like rice. I like seafood. This recipe is two good things that taste good together, what else do you need to know? Definitely my own version of comfort food, and fairly easy to make if you don’t mind putting in the elbow grease. Back home in Cali, I’d use fresh shellfish and go with larger shrimp and clams, but we are in Finland so I use what I can. My base recipe is from Allrecipes but I made several modifications due to either preference or Finnish availability. I have also provided Finnish measurements where applicable in the recipe below.

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Food That Moves: Finnish Signal Crayfish

Just when I had figured this feature was gone for good with our relocation to woefully shellfish-scarce Finland, this happened. Our friends next door received a large batch of live signal crayfish and generously brought over a bucketful. It should be noted that these are the first live crustaceans I have cooked in about five years. I’d heard about Finnish crayfish season before, but it turns out that they are not as popular in our particular region as I would have hoped. I’ve seen a handful of live ones (not even enough for one person, usually) at the supermarket on occasion, …

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Going Out: Hanko Sushi Vantaa

This was my second sushi experience during our weekend in the Helsinki greater metropolitan area last July. This was also my second sushi experience with this particular Finnish restaurant chain, Hanko Sushi. I use the term “restaurant” loosely because I would classify this more as fast-food sushi, really. Except for the not so fast part. But wait, let’s start at the beginning. So the day before, I’d taken the bus out to Espoo to visit a friend and have an awesome lunch at LN-Sushi Art. Wanting to sleep in late and knowing that we were leaving that afternoon, I stayed …

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Going Out: LN-Sushi Art

Last summer, I accompanied the hubby on a series of weekend trips to various cities around the country for his RC car competitions. In the process, I took what was basically the abbreviated Sushi Tour of Finland. Such as it is. Finland doesn’t have a huge number of sushi joints, so there are usually only a couple per city at best, unless it’s a particularly large one like Helsinki. Then they might have, like, ten or so. Sadly, I do not exaggerate. And most of them probably opened in the recent past, because there were considerably fewer when I first …

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August in Taiwan Photo Album (in which there is snake!)

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In late August of 2012, I had to return to Taiwan due to familial obligations. Afterwards, we spent a bit of time exploring some local attractions that I didn’t get a chance to see last time we were there. This included sampling some of the more unique food offerings at a night market. Hence the snake. Amongst other things.

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The one with the dumplings.

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Wow, look what I found lurking in my old to-post folder! The last batch of photos from my London work trip back in spring of 2011. Yeah, the one where it became my mission in life to order steamed dumplings from every place within delivery range that made them. Seriously, I’ve got the pictures to prove it. It was an obsession. Just thinking about the woeful lack of delivery dumplings here makes me sad. It’s almost criminal. Why do you hate me so, Finland?

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Return of the berries of the sea.

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This post is dedicated to Keva, who hates eggs. She made a fuss about my previous post regarding fake (seaweed-based) caviar a while back, so I thought it was only fair that I share with her the real stuff 🙂 It showed up in my local grocer’s fish refrigerator last month and I had to get a jar. This isn’t my first run-in with salmon roe this side of the Atlantic, but they were probably the largest ones I’ve seen so far. Still not as generously sized as the ones I got back in Cali but I’ve come to accept that most …

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Anybody who has been around me for the past several months has probably heard me bemoan at some point or another the scarcity of shellfish in our vicinity. There’s nothing fresh and alive, most certainly — which has made it difficult to continue with my “Food That Moves” column for the foreseeable future. However, more frozen options have been appearing over the past few years, so we’re not entirely high and dry. The frozen mussels are pretty decent, frozen squid is readily available for calamari-makers, and lately there have been beautiful raw frozen tiger shrimp showing up that have made …

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