Knit Pattern: Garter Stitch Mobius Cowl for Babies and Toddlers

This cowl was the result of my needing something to keep from fidgeting during a language course last year. As was usual in the autumn, I started carrying yarn and needles around in my bag to keep my hands occupied. This led to my friend wanting to pick up knitting again and asking for a simple but practical beginner pattern. Scarves, I told her. Great, my girls need scarves, she said. But not the dangly ones — an infinity sort that will sit neatly because we have to put so many layers on them during the winter, she added. So we started …

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Crocheted scarves, a retrospective.

Most people learn to crochet from their mother or grandmother. I was taught by a friendly midwestern girl on the set of the godawful 2001 comedy “Bubble Boy“, during a week-long wedding sequence. Yeah, we had a lot of spare time. The only two memories I really have of that shoot are (1) learning to crochet and (2) being mooned by Jake Gyllenhaal. The crocheting has served me much better in life, overall. I originally had all my old projects up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site, but decided to just keep it simple with tags this time. After all, …

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Yarnish update.

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It’s been a while since my last crafting update and I’ve made a handful of things since then. Been mostly concentrating on knitting since I started last spring, trying to pick projects each time that are both functional and instructional. These are the results! Pictures link to corresponding Ravelry pages. A classic wool pullover with just a few modifications to sleeve and hem lengths. I didn’t mean to make it in Finnish colors, but it was what I had on hand so I went with it. I <3 stripes! A garment with many firsts — my first time knitting with more than …

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A hockey scarf and cat hat.

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I started crocheting again last week. Picking it up again reminds me of many things — crazy times as a senior at UCLA (the last time I went on a huge crocheting binge), how tired my fingers can get, and and how much I love yarn. Also, that I need to keep a much closer eye on my gauge/tension! These were the first two projects I completed. Click on picture for a Ravelry link that will take you to more details. A scarf done in T’s favorite hockey team colors. A hat and glittens set dedicated to our favorite giant …

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