First raid of Karazhan, continued.

So we picked up last night with the Chess event, which is a wacky, chaotic mess. I can see why so many people like it, since it’s a refreshing departure from typical boss fights. You’re role-playing within a role-playing game! How novel. 😀 I forgot to grab a screenshot, which made me go “d’oh” since I’d promised myself I would start taking more photos now that we were into raid content. I got to play two pawns and a horse, and would love a chance to try out the other pieces in the future. Oh, and our group composition changed …

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Good things come to those who wait.

So, Karazhan. The much-venerated doorway to end-game content. Here’s the thing about Kara — I’ve been meaning to raid it for ages. Since my hunter turned 70 back in February, probably. I’d studied the boss fights in both print and video format, read through countless articles on strategies and gear, gotten all the addons, stocked my bank with any number of consumables, gone through lord-only-knows-how-many heroics, you name it. In fact, my hunter was geared to almost Serpentshrine Cavern level, according to most character auditing systems, without ever setting foot into a raid dungeon and only using minimal PvP items. …

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