Daphne, the furry weed whacker.

Every summer, the weeds start to overtake the paving stones that form a path down the side of our house between the outer wall and a row of hostas. Here, you see how far gone it has gotten as of last week, with still a couple of months worth of growing season to go. Then it occurred to me that we have a very eco-friendly, low-effort/high-reward solution. Her name is Daphne. Not only do my angoras provide substantial wool harvests, they are also voracious lawnmowers. Over the course of last week, I advanced her down the path, starting from the …

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Seasonal rabbity update.

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I haven’t posted about the rabbits lately, so here is my update. We currently have 6 rabbits in various flavors of angora, all of whom contribute to the big bins of wool I collect every few months for craft-type purposes. I’d been aiming to get some different colored wool to make yarn with, so am very pleased with the variety I have now. Daisy and Basil (the Finnish angora siblings) are a little under 2 years old now. Lily (the teddy dwarf doe) is a little under a year old. Daphne (the black Finnish angora doe), Marshmellow (white dwarf angora …

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