The What Could Go Wrong Sweater lives!

I just finished making this. It is my first sweater. It is also the first full thing I’ve ever knit. I’m rather happy with the result. It actually looks more boobtastic on me because I tend to wear my belts a bit higher (short torso and all) and have a bit more curve than this form does. So my recent crafting timeline looks something like this. Two months ago, I visited my buddies in Turku. We visited a local yarn store and talked a lot about yarn, crochet, sheep, and general winter craft stuff. I returned home with a deep need …

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Frankencloset: Purple Sarong Mixed Media Dress

So you know that giant pile of clothes I haven’t worn for more than four years? Yeah, they’ve got something coming to them. The recent t-shirt makeovers just kinda got me to pull out all my equipment and muster up a bit of energy. Yesterday, I started sorting through stuff and matching them together for a few more projects. The result of one is depicted above. Mixed media dresses (pairing a stretchy knit with a woven) have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past year, so why not play with that? Before and after behind the cut.

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T-shirt Makeovers: Halter Minidress

This project started like most of them do hereabouts — with Sassygurl making an offhand comment and me saying “well, why don’t you?” In this particular case, she was bemoaning her lack of summer dresses. Now, I happen to know for a fact that her closet is just as jam packed as mine — and has just as huge a stack of “stuff I will never wear but can’t bear to part with.” The answer was imminent: we’d begin a series of joint clothing recycling ventures. The first of which launches this blog’s new category “T-shirt Makeovers.” Wee note — …

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Fallen Angels “Emily” Jumper – 3/17/2007

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One of the classes I took last quarter — okay, okay, the ONLY class I took last quarter, since I got a bit overzealous with the dropping once midterms came around — was called Professional Practices for Fashion Design. In the typical class of this sort, one reads from a very dry textbook about industry history and standards, practices filling out lots of forms, and occasionally falls asleep. I know this because I registered and dropped this exact same course twice before in past terms due to how inanely useless it seemed. This particular time, however, it ended up being …

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