It followed us home, can we keep it?

Soooo. Short version? We have one of these now: Long version? Here we go. Not for the squeamish, be forewarned. Tuesday, May 13th, 6PM or thereabouts. Hubby had just got home from a grocery run after work and we were settling down to watch the latest Game of Thrones (we are now two episodes behind, thanks to bubs) when I felt something go *pop* and a slight trickling started. Nothing dramatic or gushing, thank goodness, but definitely something different from the normal routine. I sat there for a moment, with a look of “huh, that’s new” on my face, before …

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Going into overtime.

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Right. So today is the baby’s supposed due date. No, he is not here yet. Yes, I’m getting rather impatient with waddling around in circles like a stoned penguin. Yes, I realize that only 40% of babies are actually born by their due date. No, that really doesn’t make me feel any better. Yes, I’m happy that he’s reached a very healthy full-term size and we’ve had no complications to date (knock on wood). Yes, I’ll be happier when my little freeloader checks out of Hotel Me and starts pulling his own weight. Literally. In the meantime, belly pictures, as …

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5 Items in 9 Months -or- How I Almost Totally Avoided Buying Maternity Clothing

I like clothes. I like shopping for clothes. Heck, you don’t end up in my line of work otherwise. What I don’t like, however, is shopping for clothes that will be used so often due to lack of options over a short, intense period(s) of time that I will hate the very sight of them, only to have that followed by their gathering dust in the back of my closet for the rest of their lives because their single purpose for existing is done. That problem, combined with Rauma’s relative sparsity (read: NONE) of maternity boutiques, led me to find other options …

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Top Ten: Things to Do Before Going Into Labor

Sure, there’s the obvious things. Wash and store all the baby clothes, blankets, small toys, etc? Check. Make and freeze enough food to feed a small army? Check. Buy and practice using the pram/travel system/car seat? Check. Clean the house. Check. These are the smaller things that flit through my head under the “that’d be a really good idea; I should remember that” category. Not completely necessary, but things that would make life that much easier. 10. Manicure and pedicure. Given, I haven’t really been in contact (I occasionally see a peek when I’m lying down, but mostly they’re obscured by …

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Hospital Packing List

Well, here I am at 35 weeks, pretty much packed and ready to go. My carry-on sized bag is sitting in the mudroom, ready for a quick exit when the time comes. Figured I’d share my list and ask for some suggestions from y’all if there’s anything else I might not have thought of, since there is still (hopefully) plenty of time to tweak. So yes, this is what I have prepared! Please note that Finnish hospitals typically have you stay 3-4 days after the birth, especially for first-time parents and definitely if it’s a c-section. (Hopefully I will avoid …

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Status update (aka An Ode to Gaviscon)

Okay, let’s see… what’s going on these days? Well, as you may have noticed if you’ve landed here, I’ve decided to consolidate all my various blogs into one big one. Easier to do now with the spiffy new magazine layouts than it was a few years  back. 2013 done, only a gazillion more years to go 😛 I’m taking the opportunity to clean up links, better organize categories and properly tag photos, so who knows when that will be done. Good thing I’m in an especially OCD frame of mind these days. Offline, pretty much the same story. I noticed …

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