Things on Cats.

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The Internet seems to really like cats. The Internet also seems to really like putting things on things. Putting things on cats = double the awesome, as far as the Internet is concerned. Of course, most cats don’t agree and promptly run off the minute you approach them with a camera and a random object for placement. Except, as most of you well know, Misu is not “most cats.” And with that statement, I hereby inaugurate a new semi-regular feature for this blog: “Stuff On My Cat.” Because really, she spends 3/4 of her time flat anyway, might as well …

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More random London pictures.

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No, really — unless you are my parents, you probably won’t be interested in these pictures. Just stuff that I snapped here and there in my wanderings, of dubious interest and usually bad resolution. Motorbike protest outside of Piccadilly station. Very loud, so you might want to turn down the speakers if they’re on. Pretty view above Fort Horsted of the surrounded Kent countryside and beyond. Drive-by scenery of Kent. More drive-by scenery.    

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Random London Pictures!

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Yep, this would be the post where I put up completely random photos of stuff I’ve seen around town. I did the double decker bus tour last time around and took pictures of all the typical monuments, so those are NOT here. If, for some strange reason (hi, mom and dad!) you want to see those old touristy photos, I suggest you head over to my Facebook photo albums. Otherwise, brace yourselves for nonsensical picspam!

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Random Finland pictures

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It will have been one full year since we moved to Finland this May! However, I will be away on a business trip when that anniversary date comes, so I’m posting and scheduling a bunch of stuff early to make up for it. Here is a random hodgepodge of pictures I took while wandering around our little corner of the country in June and July of last year. Yes, this is mostly for you, Mom and Dad 🙂

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