Misu on the edge.

When we first adopted our cat, her foster home wrote some notes on her to the effect that “she seemed to have some problems with jumping and balance”. We thought that it might have been a clumsy kitten thing back then. We learned soon enough that it sadly was not, nor was her vision in any way abnormal as far as the vet could tell. Which left us with the most obvious explanation — we just had a really dumb cat. One that also, unfortunately, still likes to perch on medium to high ledges and then tends to forget that she can fall off of them.

Yes, we’ve watched her actually fall off the edge of a table while standing perfectly still, usually after she was safely perched for several minutes. This video shows her wobbling, but not quite falling over, because we thought it’d be nice to preserve some small shred of her kitty dignity 😉

And in related news, a link from a friend for the Best Cat Comic Ever.

History of a turtle.

Browsing through the friendslist has given me kitten envy. Because everybody is putting up pictures of their kitties and I am sadly catless. The new apartment allows pets, so I could technically get one today, if I felt like it. However, I’ve already promised myself and everybody around me that I won’t procure anything of the cute and fluffy variety until I graduate from school and can devote to it the proper time and attention it deserves. Sigh. It doesn’t help that, during my trip to Europe, I discovered that my supposedly severe cat allergy is actually very mild when …

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Most spaztastic fish EVER.

So I’ve been keeping fish for almost as long as I can remember, and my favorites have always been the ones with whiskers. Catfish and loaches, to be specific. The little barbels give them such a dapper appearance 🙂 I recently acquired a 60 gallon tank, which I hope to have set up and ready for habitation by next month. In anticipation of this, I went shopping earlier this week for some inhabitants. I figured by the time they were through with the four week quarantine period, my big tank would be ready for some action. My initial plan had …

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My Marshmellow bunny passed away late last night/early this morning. He’d been off his feed and was extremely old, so I was kind of bracing myself for it for the past few months. Still, it’s sort of a grim note to start a day on. Nonetheless, eight years is a damned respectable run for 5-pound ball of lazy lop-eared gender-ambiguous angora pudge, and one can’t say that he didn’t lead a full and interesting life. I adopted him back in 1997 from a shelter in San Clemente, where he’d been found hopping wild alongside a San Diego freeway. Not that …

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fuzzy things.

Trevor the rat, whom most of you are familiar with, passed away this last Wednesday. He had a chronic respiratory condition which constant medication was only helping up to a certain point, so I suppose it was inevitable. Still, a rodentless kennel is a sad sight. Goodbye, Trev.

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No ratsitter. I am ratsitterless. Ratsitter, nought. I’d had this worked out weeks ago. What happened? I’m leaving tomorrow. Oh, damn.

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