It’s Too Hot To Be a Cat.

When temperatures go well into the 90s F for prolonged periods despite your living within a half day’s drive to the Arctic Circle? It’s really not a good time to be furry. Here are some snapshots of Coco and Misu from the last couple of days, looking rather desperate for a complete body shave and ice bath. They are both staring in the direction of the portable fan, which is just outside of this frame. I had it turned up pretty high and they both decided to camp right in front of it. As were me and the boy. Great …

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The Amazing Flying Pigmonkeys.

(aka How We Traveled Internationally with 2 Cats) I guess I should first explain that title. As many of you probably know, kittens spend a large portion of their time airborne — jumping from place to place, hopping on moving objects, climbing on things, falling off those same things, generally bouncing around like the crack-addled balls of relentless energy they are. Our older cat, Misu, has never been a slim feline. She was round from a very early age and has only grown rounder since. Ate like it was going out of style, climbed all over the furniture and walls, …

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WTF. Another reason to hate people.

Dear Pet-abandoning Idiot — Yes, there is a babbling stream running through our apartment complex. Our apartment complex in the middle of a heavily urban area in a desert region where there are no naturally occurring streams. In case you didn’t realize, that means it is not a REAL stream, but one operated by filters and pumps. And that is not REAL water, but a toxic chlorinated cesspool that I would not touch with my toe, let alone allow any aquatic animal to marinate in. Unless you are also the type that enjoys spraying your dogs with acid for a …

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Lamest catfight ever. And updatish.

So… Casa Kerfuffle is currently in a state of chaos as we figure out the logistics behind a very large move. Hence my completely disappearing off the face of the intertubes for protracted amounts of time. However, I recently unearthed this video whilst cleaning out my hard drives and had to share…

Misu and Coco having the laziest non-fight ever. Because Misu is a sedate land whale who spends most of the day sprawled on her back and cannot be bothered to get up even when a curious kitten is poking at her head…

Coco, flying ace.

This gallery contains 3 photos.

The boy’s little sister invented a new game for our kitten while she was visiting with us this summer. Since Coco is more aerodynamically sound than the rotund Misu, she decided to test feline flight potential by getting her to repeatedly fetch a certain favorite mouse toy. These are the results:

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You Has a Flavor.

This time, it’s Misu that’s doing the licking while Coco tries to sleep. Strangely enough, the licking looks sort of like she’s trying to suck the kitten’s brains out through her ear…

Coco chases Misu’s tail.

Our new kitten Coco is getting along splendidly with Misu. However, the latter’s immensely fluffy tail tends to be considered as a toy. Hence, this video of Misu trying to strike her typical glamour pose for the camera with a hyper kitten attached to her posterior 😀

Introducing… Coco!

So we have a new kitten. The second day we were shooting out in LA, several members of the crew saw some neighborhood kids rough-housing with a young kitten that looked too weak to even respond. She was being tossed between them like a little rag doll. The makeup girl grabbed it away and hid it in her car, feeding it pieces of chicken until it was time to go home. At which point I’d agreed to at least take the little thing home and foster it, since I was the only one who had cat-friendly lodgings ready to handle …

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Misu and the Dangly Toy

It’s another month, so time for another cat video! 😀

You all know that our kitty is a bit on the round side. She loves dangly toys but isn’t always in the mood to expend energy chasing it. This is her favorite compromise — the roll-and-gobble.

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