Things on Cats.

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The Internet seems to really like cats. The Internet also seems to really like putting things on things. Putting things on cats = double the awesome, as far as the Internet is concerned. Of course, most cats don’t agree and promptly run off the minute you approach them with a camera and a random object for placement. Except, as most of you well know, Misu is not “most cats.” And with that statement, I hereby inaugurate a new semi-regular feature for this blog: “Stuff On My Cat.” Because really, she spends 3/4 of her time flat anyway, might as well …

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Coco’s Morning Report.

Our younger cat, Coco, is Siamese on her father’s side. This is especially evident in her very vocal interactions with us. Every morning, Coco gives me a detailed report of the happenings of the night before and the status of the food bowl. Since it seems that she doesn’t get nearly as much camera time on this blog as she should, I thought I’d share some of yesterday’s conversation with you 🙂

Past lives and pet portraits.

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Some time in early 1998, I had a brief stint as a pet portraitist for charity. People would send me their pet photos, I’d paint them and the owners would receive the original work as well as a set of matching printed note cards in exchange for donating to a worthy cause. Then school started taking up more of my time and I fell out of touch with the people I’d been working with. It’s not something I’ve really followed up on since then, but I’ve been thinking about it lately because of my recent crafting renaissance. My skills have …

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Coco and the beloved green mouse toy.

A video I took of Coco in late August of 2009, playing with her favorite green felted mouse toy. She was a little over half a year old at the time? The toy was actually almost 2 years old at that point, but Misu never really paid much attention to it. One day, the new kitten was rummaging through the toy box, found it at the very bottom, and it was love at first bite. She carried that thing around with her all the time and we’d find it in the strangest places, depending on where she had been sleeping. It was her teddy bear and security blanket — even Misu knew this and would sometimes steal it when she wanted to tease the younger cat. This is the same mouse toy that I refurbished last month because it was nothing more than a piece of scrap after a year and a half of rough play. We couldn’t bear to throw out the scraps because we knew it would break Coco’s heart. Crochet pattern for what I did upcoming in my fashion/crafting blog.


Cat descriptions, illustrated.

Right. So it came to my attention that in my fashion blog, I’d mentioned that Coco was a long cat but then posted pictures at angles which might have made her seem foreshortened to a more normal-looking length. Here are some photos from my albums to help remedy any possible misconceptions. Here is a fairly good illustration of the length of her skinny antelope legs. Her tail looks short in this first picture but is actually around a foot long. A picture of her stretching from a year ago. Also, when we say that our other cat Misu is a furry …

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Just call her princess.

Our younger cat, Coco, is a bit on the spoiled and demanding side. I’m sure the Siamese part of her is making itself known that way. She usually prefers to sleep in our computer chairs because they are the most cushioned seats around and usually pre-warmed. It’s not uncommon to get up for a glass of water and come back to find that you’ve been evicted from your chair. In the case of the boy, she even refuses to give up the seat when he sits back in it — she just shuffles to the back and makes him sit …

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Question for folk with multiple cats!

Here’s something I’ve always wondered: Do your cats have their own bowls or do they eat from the same one? I ask because ours always insist on eating from the same bowl. We started out giving them their own bowls, but the younger one (Coco) would always stick her face in the food first and the older one (Misu — they are 1.5 years apart) would always wait until Coco was done before eating. She just won’t touch the food, even when there is a whole other bowl available. She’d rather queue for the one that’s currently being used. This …

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