Pin There, Done That: Vinegar Soap Fruitfly Traps

Behold, my friends, a thing of great beauty. Yes, I am sharing a cup of dead flies with you. First nettles, now flies — I really know how to charm ’em, right? Since our garden yields lots of fruit and I process as much of it in the kitchen as possible, fruitflies inevitably show up each year in early autumn. While they die away of their own accord after a few days, they can get super annoying when I’m in the middle of a week-long preserving binge. I’ve tried variations of this trap with juice and other stuff in the …

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War of the Coprophages

It’s official: we have roaches. Up until this year, I had never seen a house roach in my life. I mean, I’d seen those giant hissing South American things in zoos and in biology class, sure, but those were kinda cool in a detached exotic pet sort of way. They were fat, sedate, and sat on leaves in neat little plastic terrariums waiting for their owner to feed them every day from a box of manufactured bug food. But no, not these bastards. About a month ago, we found one on the kitchen wall — more than an inch long. …

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