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I rarely mention cosmetics and toiletries here, despite my having a serious weakness for wandering into places like Sephora and leaving with a bag of impulse purchases. So yes, going to start talking about them a bit here, if only so I can recall later on which ones worked and which ones didn’t. In fact, I think the only time I wrote about a perfume here was that one post when I was so offended by Angel that I had to get it off my chest. Well, you know what they say about how much easier it is to write …

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Phail, Thierry Mugler, phail.

Just tried a sample of Thierry Mugler’s _Angel_ that came in the mail with my previous Sephora order. Mostly because I thought it’d be amusing — if it was any good — to have a bottle of perfume on my dresser that had my name (well, I’d have to Sharpie in an additional letter, but nothing’s perfect) on it. Unfortunately, I went reeling backward after one small spritz on the arm and then bolted to the sink to scrub it off with liberal dollops of strongly-scented antibacterial soap, endeavoring to erase the olfactory menace burning itself into my skin. Remember …

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*gag* *sputter*

Gads, I do crap like this far too often. You know how when you’re holding a bottle of perfume and about to spray it, at least for the purposes of scenting a room, you should make sure that it’s facing away from you? Right. That. Especially when it’s about two inches from you? The object being not to hose your face? Wow, I don’t think I’ll be able to smell or taste anything else for the rest of the day. And let me just say now that I have never been gladder that I wear glasses. *thwaps self*

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