The 2014 Ramen Review

Wow, has it really been almost 4 years since my last ramen review? So much for this being the annual post I’d intended. But I had intentions, yes! Here are the pictures and notes that have been sitting on my computer all last year to prove it. While I have tried to eat healthier over the past couple of years, there are still some days when I really needed a noodle fix. Pregnancy cravings are a thing, yo. So, as a public service to those of you in Finland who would like to know what’s what in the world of …

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The 2010 Ramen Review

Like almost everybody else who has had to shop for their own groceries throughout their university years, I’m on very friendly terms with instant ramen noodles. Living in Southern California, however, we had a wider selection in this category than the rest of the country. The Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian stores would all import their own home-grown brands, often in awesome random flavors with no English translation. They were invariably authentic, despite being, essentially, packets of dried noodles with MSG powder. There were also the American varieties, of course, which tended towards the saltier side of things but were …

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