Lemon Lavender Muffins

Autumn is certainly here, and with it come cooler temperatures and less sunlight. My lavender plant has been the most affected by this — I’ve watched it go from vigorously overgrown to shriveled and dead within the last few weeks. Luckily, I harvested and froze a batch of leaves before this happened, so have some fresh lavender to use this winter. I didn’t get too many blooms out of it, because I started it a few months later than typical. Next year, I’ll definitely pick up a plant the minute they can come out in the spring and give it …

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Streusel-topped Bilberry Muffins

Well, strawberry season has come and gone but late July saw the start of bilberry season! The plastic berry scoopers and baskets (for the do-it-yourselfers) started to show up in stores early in the month and a couple of weeks later, the kiosks outside the markets all had fresh bilberries for sale. Apparently this year’s harvest has been a bit sparse, due to the unusually hot and dry summer. We were going to pick berries at the summer home last week, but the boy’s grandparents reported that there were barely any to be had, since they hadn’t gotten enough rain …

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