Cat Burritos and Misu on Drugs

This has been sitting in my drafts for almost a year now, but I’ve been meaning to share it because I’ve had a few other friends dealing with sick cats lately. You can try to explain cat burritos with hand gestures, but sometimes pictures do it best 🙂 Misu occasionally gets urine infections and needs antibiotics, which is always an ordeal because you have to wrestle her down to give her the pill. She’s a pretty hefty and strong cat, so it requires a bit of premeditation. The first time she got sick since we moved here, we just had …

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Interview With the Sauce Vampire

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Coco, our younger cat, is affectionately referred to hereabouts as the sauce vampire. It happens almost every time the wet food gets set out in the mornings. She comes racing up to the bowl and then proceeds to suck down every little drop of sauce or gel that she can reach. Then she saunters off disinterestedly, leaving the solid bits to dry out or meet whatever other fate waits for drool-covered leftovers. …which is usually when Misu comes strolling by and notices “hey, food!” I am pretty sure she has no idea that the stuff usually comes out of the package …

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Furry little toes.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Misu video, and that’s really the only reason I even set up a YouTube account! Better remedy that right now…

Misu. And toes. And her ever-failing quest to get everything clean. Because when you’re that fluffy, there is never an end to the washing.

And to be fair, Coco’s toes are pretty cute, too:



Furry potatoes of the couch.

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We own a computer couch. It’s a three-seater fluffy maroon thing with reclining seats and we’re quite pleased with it. We got the idea from our friends in Turku, who just gave up on computer chairs and pushed their entire couch up to their computers for more convenient lounging. It’s ridiculously comfortable. The cats think so, too, though there is only one empty seat in the middle between us so they have to compete for who gets to sprawl there every night. Usually Misu wins due to sheer bulk, and Coco ends up perched on the back cushion of the …

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From January 2008. A neighbor’s young black cat came over to visit and attempted to play with 6-month old Misu. She just stood there staring and looking befuddled while he tried to poke her into action. Sigh.

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Misu, January 2008. At some point, the hubby started letting her burrow into the front of his hoodies, kangaroo style. She would keep doing this even when she’d doubled in size. We also resigned ourselves to the possibility that she would never learn to lie down without her feet sticking out frog-like. Lastly, she started getting more frequent visits from the other feline residents of our apartment complex. We’d had her fixed early, so saw this as a good chance to socialize her. One black kitten came in to eat her food and try to play, an older grey tabby …

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More classic Misu. These are from December 2007. As you can see, we tried unsuccessfully to expose her to nature. She decided grass was evil, climbed the hubby like a tree and demanded loudly to be taken back home. There is also the first of many shots of her in her favorite “frog position” of lying down. More belly exposed to the tiles, I suppose. She started getting a bit more rotund around then as well, and we could start to see how she was going to grow into those huge paws and ears. Last but not least, there is …

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“It’s been days since you’ve posted to Pigmonkeys,” the hubby declared in a vaguely disappointed way yesterday. Sometimes I wonder how he can be a more hardcore cat lady than I will ever be. So, to make up for this apparent transgression, here is some classic Misu. These are from November 2007, when we adopted her. She was about three months old at the time. I’ve tossed a few old pics on the VK blog and Facebook in the past, but haven’t ever tried to pull several in chronological order before. Guess this is probably the best place to be doing it!

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