Gallery of a costume change wedding.

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So a little less than a year ago, I posted some early pictures of dress choices for our wedding. Of course, I knew at the time that there would be more than one (or even two) dresses, since Asian weddings just don’t work that way. Combine that with my wardrobe mistress background and the help of several lovely attendants, and you have a costume change wedding. Selected photos from the event and some dress pictures, mostly because people have asked. I’m still in the process of putting up the official gallery website with all the guest photos, so hopefully this …

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Fallen Angels “Emily” Jumper – 3/17/2007

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One of the classes I took last quarter — okay, okay, the ONLY class I took last quarter, since I got a bit overzealous with the dropping once midterms came around — was called Professional Practices for Fashion Design. In the typical class of this sort, one reads from a very dry textbook about industry history and standards, practices filling out lots of forms, and occasionally falls asleep. I know this because I registered and dropped this exact same course twice before in past terms due to how inanely useless it seemed. This particular time, however, it ended up being …

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