Maison Belle Laundry Softness

This is the stuff I’ve been using as laundry softener lately. I saw it on the shelf while I was pricing ingredients to make my own laundry detergents and softeners, and thought I’d give it a try, as a stepping stone away from the bottles of chemicals I’ve been buying. Not that I find anything particularly wrong with many of those bigger brands, and I will happily go back to them if my experimentation (still in the very beginning stages) in homemade detergent ends up being an epic fail. It’s just that we have to be more careful than most about …

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Pierydys vs. The Joys of Line Drying

So, talk about living in a land that balances new technology with the Old World. Moving to a new place meant buying new appliances, and I was finally able to get my mitts on one of those fabulous steam washing machines that’s been featured in so many ads over the last few years. This more than helped to soothe my disappointment over having to leave behind my steamers due to electrical incompatibility issues. My LG 8kg direct drive steam washing machine! It has a rather intimidating control panel with all kinds of colored lights and switches, and it makes little …

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