Not so Blondie Brownie

I took a break from my fudge-centric ice cream purchases last week to try another flavor in the Core line, Blondie Brownie. The label read “A Soft Salted Caramel Core Surrounded by Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Chocolate Brownie chunks & Blondie Brownie chunks”, which sounded promising enough. Salted caramel is a close second to fudge in my list of favorite toppings of all time, and it didn’t disappoint in this tub. However, the blondies did. It was kind of weird — on the chocolate side, I dug up plenty of brownie bits (yes, I do fish out the …

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In which there is ice cream and flailing. (A mini Dough-ble Impact review.)

I popped by my favorite grocery store yesterday to refill my asthma meds and grab a few small items to keep us until our big supermarket binge later this week. They had moved things around since I was last there, so I spent about five minutes stalking up and down the frozen foods aisle, looking more and more perturbed with each round. There was not a single tub of Ben & Jerry’s in sight, you see. This was highly unlike them, since this is the one store that can always be counted on to have a lot of non-Finnish specialty …

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