Final Countdown

Saw these in a Bay Area mall and had to share, because they were the most entertaining and colorful voting posters I’ve seen in a long time. They are courtesy of the California Museum, so I guess it’s still backed by the state, but it’s refreshing after all the texty tabloidy stuff we’ve been steamrolled with this past year.

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Toddler logic is not Earth logic.

We have apparently entered the compound word phase. Which would be great except that the words are still somewhat questionable at best. For instance, Blob cannot pronounce “ankka” so ducks are now “kakka”. Which can be somewhat confusing, especially when we are trying to tell if he needs a diaper change. But that’s all just setup. So we have cartoons on in the morning while I get dressed. The little guy usually eats then runs around shouting “moo!” and “ihahaa! ” while waving his stuffed cow and horse. Today he noticed the parrot while watching Jake and the Neverland pirates. Him: Moo! …

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The Guild — Do You Want to Date My Avatar

You’ve probably seen The Guild, a wildly popular web series about a group of MMORPG players that play a game similar to WoW. If you haven’t and you play any sort of game in the genre, you really should. They started doing little music videos as bonus features in the past year, probably as a result of their getting more budget and having better equipment/sets/costumes/crew/etc. The writing has always been hilarious, though, and the lyrics for this video are no exception.


I like Gaga. She makes sparkly, bouncy music and knows the value of elaborate and sometimes garish costumes. I also like WoW. It is sparkly and bouncy in its own special way, and the whole point of the game is to play through content so you can wear increasingly elaborate and garish costumes. This music video parody is the mating of two of  my favorite things into one wacky video of awesome. I dare you not to end up humming this all day after watching it.

Dwarf hunters.

A link for Hausen, who likes comics: Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth Long, silly, and makes the character in Twilight Highlands make a LOT more sense 🙂 3/23/2014: Since Gamespy has met its demise since this was originally posted, a kind netizen stepped in and backed up the entire series for download here.

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The internet matchmaker post.

The internet is a great place for making friends. And sometimes more than friends. Even the really nice ones you don’t have to pay for! Don’t know how? That’s okay, because you can Google a guide for that, too! Need more help? Two undead guys even wrote a really awesome guide, divided into three levels of increasing difficulty. Ignore the stupider comments — no thread can be all win, I suppose. 1. How to pick up women, WoW-style. 2. How to date women, WoW-style. 3. Dating women (heroic level), WoW-style. And although the above can also be just as easily …

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You can’t seeeee meeee….

There are many good reasons not to play hide-and-go-seek with your favorite pet war mammoth. Large fines from the city for having to unlodge said mammoth from the places it managed to squeeze itself into? Definitely one of them. Or perhaps, like in this picture, having to call out all of the combined fire brigades from Stormwind, Westfall and surrounding towns to get the damn thing back down from the tree once it realized it couldn’t climb. Mental note, we’re just buying Jumbo here a bag of peanuts to keep him amused next time.

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