Pin There, Done That: Lampshades in the Dishwasher

This is the after picture of my kitchen ceiling lamp, probably the most used light in the house. It really is a shame I didn’t take a picture of this thing before I removed it for cleaning. It had been hanging there for almost two years, accumulating a thick layer of dust and dead fly carcasses. It was pretty gross. Nobody really wanted to wipe it down or even touch it. Happily, it was one of the first things on my list to clean when I started maternity leave. I had found a nearly hands-free way to wash that sucker, …

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Top Ten: Frugality is the new black.

Being the children of Asian immigrant parents, my brothers and I often poked fun at the extreme limits of frugality that our family went to growing up. However, I’ll readily admit that it was partly due to absorbing this trait that I was able to live comfortably (if not extravagantly) through a childhood spent in the last recession, nearly a decade of university apartment life, and now this latest economic downturn. There’s limits to what you want to try to make with gum and duct tape, of course, but there are other simple things that we do around the house …

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