Wall o’ Scarf.

I have a lot of scarves. Even before we moved to Finland, where you actually use them for more than half the year, I had a lot of scarves. My mom was paranoid that way. Back in Cali, however, they tended to just sit in a giant pile that was occasionally rummaged through on a windy day. As we enter my second Finnish winter here, though, I decided we needed a better system for making winter accessories easily accessible. Thus, the wall o’ scarf. It’s a IKEA belt/scarf/tie hanger nailed to the wall. Right next to the coat rack and …

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Fluffy blankets.

As many of you know, I am a child of yuppies. This meant that, growing up, I wore a disproportionate number of polo shirts and dainty floral prints. A bit of this deep, dark past still lives on in my fondness for all things Laura Ashley. I also happen to have a big thing for coordinated comforter sets, ever since my parents bought me a gorgeous burgundy jacquard ensemble to take away to college many, many years ago. So it seemed pretty obvious, when we moved to our new apartment a year ago, that the first thing I’d need to …

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