Knit Pattern: Garter Stitch Mobius Cowl for Babies and Toddlers

This cowl was the result of my needing something to keep from fidgeting during a language course last year. As was usual in the autumn, I started carrying yarn and needles around in my bag to keep my hands occupied. This led to my friend wanting to pick up knitting again and asking for a simple but practical beginner pattern. Scarves, I told her. Great, my girls need scarves, she said. But not the dangly ones — an infinity sort that will sit neatly because we have to put so many layers on them during the winter, she added. So we started …

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Crocheted hats of days past.

Second in the series of old projects I had up gallery-style on the old VKFashion site. Links to project pages and patterns as applicable, below the pictures. Light blue Fraggle hat for a friend. Also made a scarf to go with it, as you see. Rose-colored Kitty Cat Hat for a friend. Had matching glittens. Comfy purple Homespun Hat for a bestie. Had a matching scarf. A Maroon Cloche that traveled to Canada. And a purple Ribbon Cloche for another friend. Had a matching scarf.

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