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Hmm. Apologies for the service interruption – it appears my sites might have been down with the cache.php bug as early as this last Wednesday. Have it somewhat patched up using Perishable Press’ three-file fix, but still am seeing a few odd things happening here and there. I’m gonna back these things up and take a closer look soon. Hopefully, there will still be something left after I’m done 🙂 And, in news of the fashion-related, I am considering perming my hair. Yep, the traumatic memories from mother-inflicted high school hairstyles must be starting to fade, hmm? Nothing crazy, just …

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Gallery of a costume change wedding.

This gallery contains 39 photos.

So a little less than a year ago, I posted some early pictures of dress choices for our wedding. Of course, I knew at the time that there would be more than one (or even two) dresses, since Asian weddings just don’t work that way. Combine that with my wardrobe mistress background and the help of several lovely attendants, and you have a costume change wedding. Selected photos from the event and some dress pictures, mostly because people have asked. I’m still in the process of putting up the official gallery website with all the guest photos, so hopefully this …

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Old new hair.

I don’t know what sort of weird personality disorder this is indicative of, but I can never seem to post pictures of recent haircuts. I’ll TAKE the pictures, sure, but then they’ll usually sit for several months before I get around to showing them, by which time my hair has grown out and looks nothing like the picture. This could somehow be related to the way I will buy clothing and not wear it until a season later to avoid being too trendy. Who knows. Anyway, these pictures are from mid-September, when I decided to cut my hair really short …

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