Adventures in Gardening – Pierydys versus the Swamp Thing.

So a few years back, I read an article somewhere about container water gardens being all the rage. I also happened to be in some store and they had bare-root water lilies on sale, so I bought one and figured it’d be fun to have out front. Buy a tub, toss some dirt in and plant the thing, it’d be done within an hour. So much for theory. Turns out that when I first set the thing up, I unwittingly did just about everything one could to make maintenance of said container as difficult as possible in the future. To …

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Adventures in Gardening – March 10, 2004.

My father is, quite simply put, a plant serial killer. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but he has not the first clue when it comes to gardening and always insists that he does. The end result is that he’ll take something in a pot, dig a hole in something brownish, toss it in, and forget about it within minutes. Then he wonders why nothing survives. I suppose, living as we do in one of the climate zones most suitable to year-round gardening, it’s something of a talent that he can do what he does. The best way to discover …

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