And then, we were buried in apples. (With bonus apple juicing action.)

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Hey, WordPress has an integrated push-to-Twitter feature now! One less plugin to worry about, pretty cool. For all I know, this could have happened last year, but it’s new to me 🙂 So yeah. We have a few mature apple trees. We knew this meant we would be getting some fruit in the fall, but I don’t think we really comprehended exactly how much that would be. Turns out, the answer is “more than one person should try to pick with a plastic grocery bag while balancing on a chair and stepstool.” Below, a pictorial timeline of last year’s apple …

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Autumn Harvest Post (of the non-apple variety)

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This past autumn ended up being very messy and hurried, the result of having been away for a last-minute Taiwan trip followed by an early cold snap with snow. I only managed to harvest one apple tree (two others were left to the wildlife) and the small pear trees. The three grape vines were a total loss, even though one actually had several ripe bunches. Now that we’ve got a better idea of when everything ripens, however, I hope to have much better luck for the 2013 harvest. Fruit wasn’t the only thing I was hurrying to get into the …

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Weekly Harvest Post

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We went away for a couple of weeks on holiday during the prime growing season, so it’s no surprise that the garden turned into a jungle in the meantime. Now I’m scrabbling to harvest and clean up as much as I can before the temperatures drop. It’s all a bit daunting, but I’m sure we’ll be enjoying our fully packed freezer come this winter! The actual numbers: 07/09 – 40g wild strawberries Fragaria vesca (frozen) 07/11 – 140g wild strawberries (frozen) 1900g strawberries (frozen) 07/12 – 520g mixed greens [2 lettuces (Lactuca sativa “Salad Bowl” and “American Brown”), chickweed (Stellaria …

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General garden pictorial update.

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I’ve been mentioning the food items coming out the garden recently, but haven’t really done any posts on the general state of things. So this is a post to remedy that. Finnish summers are all about a surplus of daylight and moisture, so things get ridiculously lush in short order. Our current look is somewhere between rampant jungle and cottage garden. I hope to have things leaning more towards the latter by next year 😉  

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Weekly Harvest Post, for reals this time.

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Because it’s July and suddenly I can’t keep up with all the stuff there is to do out there! With prime berry picking season just around the corner, it’s about to get really crazy here at Casa Kerfuffle. The actual numbers: 07/02 210g chickweed Stellaria media (frozen) 160g spinach Spinacia oleracea “Campania F1”(frozen) 07/03 400g chickweed (frozen) 150g lettuce Lactuca sativa “Salad Bowl” and “American Brown” & spinach (frozen) 1400g garden strawberries (eaten) 10g wild strawberries Fragaria vesca(frozen) 07/04 540g chickweed (frozen) 60g cilantro Coriandrum sativum(frozen) 07/06 2080g garden strawberries (half frozen, half eaten) 30g wild strawberries (eaten) 07/07 540g …

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OK, so it’s more of a fortnightly harvest post…

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It was a bit too soggy to go out in the garden most of last week. Things started to clear up at the end of this past week, though, so here is what came out of the garden recently! 06/18 – 145g lettuce & greens. 06/27 – 220g lettuce & greens. Two different varieties of leaf lettuce (one reddish and one light green), with a few leaves of young garden dandelion thrown in for variety. Frozen in 1 liter bags for cooking with later. I know most western cultures only use lettuce raw in salad these days, but I’ve always …

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Rhubarb Rhubarb

This post is mostly for my parents, who were curious about the odd fruit I’d posted a picture of on Facebook the other day 🙂 Funny thing is, rhubarb originated in Asia and the root has been used for medicinal purposes in China for thousands of years. I guess they never got around to trying the stalks? Then again, the Chinese were never big on desserts, so that could be part of the reason. Being Californian and all, I didn’t have much experience with rhubarb beyond the occasional specialty pie until moving to Finland. Out here, though, it seems that …

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Weekly Harvest Post!

For the past several years, I’ve sighed wistfully upon seeing various gardening blogs put up their weekly harvest tallies. I’d sadly poke at the few pots next to the kitchen window and make mental lists of all the things I’d grow if I actually had a decent piece of land. Well, guess what? This is the first year I’ve actually had the space to do a proper garden and I’m going for it! The timing’s been a little off, since we just moved in a few weeks ago and I’ve barely had time to do anything but throw some salad …

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Spring garden rush has begun.

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The evenings are still just a couple degrees above 0C, but daytime temps are now between 10-20C and very sunny, so it’s definitely spring. Everything is budding, flowers are starting to appear and butterflies are everywhere. I’ve started cleaning up the garden and grounds best as I can, though I’m sure it will take at least a few years before everything is under control. So far, I’ve cleaned up the dead matter from the perennial beds around the house, pruned two raspberry hedges and a grapevine. Definitely have the beginnings of a huge new compost heap in the corner of …

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