Pin There, Done That: Vinegar Soap Fruitfly Traps

Behold, my friends, a thing of great beauty. Yes, I am sharing a cup of dead flies with you. First nettles, now flies — I really know how to charm ’em, right? Since our garden yields lots of fruit and I process as much of it in the kitchen as possible, fruitflies inevitably show up each year in early autumn. While they die away of their own accord after a few days, they can get super annoying when I’m in the middle of a week-long preserving binge. I’ve tried variations of this trap with juice and other stuff in the …

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That Time I Ended Up With 8 Kilos of Fruit Leather.

Well, it was actually 8 kilos of undried fruit leather, which is probably only a kilo once it’s been through the dehydrator. But since it takes a day per batch and I was making the stuff on a deadline, I ended up just freezing most of the mush to be processed at a later date. Anyway, I’m not running out of fruit leather anytime soon. But let’s rewind a bit! So this year was truly an epic year for berries. Whatever was happening with the weather, berries liked it. A LOT. This resulted in all our blackcurrant, redcurrant, and gooseberry bushes …

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August 2015 Harvest

Thought I’d stick up some photos of our harvest last month. I didn’t bother keeping track of the weights or quantities, but we are getting a fair amount of fruit this year. Berries of all kinds flourished while our apples didn’t do so well. The vegetables were something of a bust, since I was only able to plant them but most bolted or were covered up by weeds before I could reap the results. I was still able to pick more this year overall, with Blob being more mobile and easy to take outside, but probably won’t be able to …

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A Bowl Full of Mush: Creamed Pear

This is what most mornings at Casa Kerfuffle look like at the moment. Our little guy has been eating solids for a couple of months now and taken to them very enthusiastically. Here he demonstrates the typical baby bird look he has the moment he sees me getting out a bowl. This is rapidly followed by a shark attack lunge and death latch the minute the spoon is within reaching distance. In fact, if I’m not shoveling fast enough, I will often get very vocal protestations. Yep, this kid loves his food. Then again, it probably shouldn’t have been much of a …

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2013 Harvest, totals and comparisons.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

A gallery of our 2013 harvest, which ended up being mostly fruit since I didn’t get around to tending the vegetable garden enough to get anything out of it. The fruit trees and bushes did quite well on their own, though, which is one of the best reasons to always have them around. And some number crunching: 2012 season 06/09 – 15L rhubarb (chopped & frozen) 06/17 – 350g spinach (frozen) 06/18 – 145g lettuce & greens (frozen) 06/27 – 340g spinach (frozen) 220g lettuce & greens (frozen) 06/28 – 8 wild strawberries (eaten) 07/01 – 150g oregano leaves (frozen) …

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2013 Garden Review: Fruit & Veg Edition

This gallery contains 16 photos.

This would be my annual spring photodump of pictures from last year’s vegetable garden. It is mostly to help me remember what I tried and whether or not it worked out. Last year’s garden was mostly planted in plastic soil bags and a few planters. It didn’t get too far for the same reason as the flowers — the weather just wasn’t that cooperative. In fact, I really don’t remember harvesting much more than some cilantro and spinach. We’ll see how this year goes.

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