Hunting the Wild Finnish Mushroom

Now we come to the adventuring part of this year’s mushroom hunting posts. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m getting pretty good at locating and picking the “beginner mushrooms” local to our area. This means that I’ve been turning my eye to other prospects, wanting to identify different species around us and learn what other culinary options we have. Having a wider identification database is also good for keeping curious toddler hands away from toxic species, of course. The best way to learn these things is from actual experience, so I badgered a good friend of mine until she finally …

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The One Where I Gloss Over Not Posting for Almost a Year. Also, Mushrooms!

Because c’mon, the only people who are really reading this already know that juggling toddlers and various other aspects of adult life are not entirely compatible with keeping a regular writing schedule. But you know what was actually on schedule this year? Mushroom season! Yeah, great segue, I know. I try, I try. Really, though — I’m rather proud because this was the first year I went out to forage mushrooms and actually came back with a basket full of really good-looking ones! These were picked at the beginning of September, so I’m not even too late in posting about them at all 😉 I’m …

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Heath Spotted Orchid

A good friend and fellow plant enthusiast took us orchid hunting yesterday in some nearby woods. There are a few species that grow wild in our area and she knew how much I love wildflowers — the notion of seeing an orchid in situ was very exciting! Southern Finland doesn’t have as many as the northern parts of the country, due to human development of the land, but older patches of woods still are host to plenty of interesting plants. Growing up, there aren’t very many naturally-occurring orchids in Southern California because of the arid climate, so the idea of just going out …

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