Hunting the Wild Finnish Mushroom

Now we come to the adventuring part of this year’s mushroom hunting posts. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m getting pretty good at locating and picking the “beginner mushrooms” local to our area. This means that I’ve been turning my eye to other prospects, wanting to identify different species around us and learn what other culinary options we have. Having a wider identification database is also good for keeping curious toddler hands away from toxic species, of course. The best way to learn these things is from actual experience, so I badgered a good friend of mine until she finally …

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The One Where I Gloss Over Not Posting for Almost a Year. Also, Mushrooms!

Because c’mon, the only people who are really reading this already know that juggling toddlers and various other aspects of adult life are not entirely compatible with keeping a regular writing schedule. But you know what was actually on schedule this year? Mushroom season! Yeah, great segue, I know. I try, I try. Really, though — I’m rather proud because this was the first year I went out to forage mushrooms and actually came back with a basket full of really good-looking ones! These were picked at the beginning of September, so I’m not even too late in posting about them at all 😉 I’m …

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Hedgehog Mushroom Omelette

A couple posts back, I shared a photo of some wild hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum repandum) I collected in the forest adjacent to our house. We are lucky enough to have some very choice mushroom species grow practically in our backyard — not usually enough for more than a small meal here and there, but it always seems like a treat when most people have to go on special mushroom hunting expeditions to get them. Blob is inordinately fond of mushrooms, we found out this summer, and the hubby is not so much, so it all ends up working out well …

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August 2015 Harvest

Thought I’d stick up some photos of our harvest last month. I didn’t bother keeping track of the weights or quantities, but we are getting a fair amount of fruit this year. Berries of all kinds flourished while our apples didn’t do so well. The vegetables were something of a bust, since I was only able to plant them but most bolted or were covered up by weeds before I could reap the results. I was still able to pick more this year overall, with Blob being more mobile and easy to take outside, but probably won’t be able to …

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“HEY! My horrible stinging plants are ready! COME HERE AND EAT THEM.”

It’s nettle season! I was out picking nettles in the garden the other day and remembered that some friends had expressed interest in them — so I invited them to come over and help themselves to my ample crop rather than forage around town and country for them as they were. Another friend jokingly summed up that whole exchange with this post’s title 🙂 Silly as it sounds, though, stinging nettles are the best sort of vegetable: tasty, nutritious and free! Although it grows in a few other places on our grounds, I make it a point to leave one portion of …

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2012 Summer Garden Review: Fruit & Veg Edition

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Right around now, when your eyes are inundated with the glare of white snow as far as you can see, it’s nice to think about the equally blinding green that will take over a few months later. Seriously, I’m looking at these pictures and squinting from green overload. I don’t remember it being quite as overwhelming in person, but then again, I was probably wearing sunglasses for most of the time. So, as I did last year, here is our summer garden in review. Edible things edition first.

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Autumn Harvest Post (of the non-apple variety)

This gallery contains 7 photos.

This past autumn ended up being very messy and hurried, the result of having been away for a last-minute Taiwan trip followed by an early cold snap with snow. I only managed to harvest one apple tree (two others were left to the wildlife) and the small pear trees. The three grape vines were a total loss, even though one actually had several ripe bunches. Now that we’ve got a better idea of when everything ripens, however, I hope to have much better luck for the 2013 harvest. Fruit wasn’t the only thing I was hurrying to get into the …

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Weekly Harvest Post

This gallery contains 18 photos.

We went away for a couple of weeks on holiday during the prime growing season, so it’s no surprise that the garden turned into a jungle in the meantime. Now I’m scrabbling to harvest and clean up as much as I can before the temperatures drop. It’s all a bit daunting, but I’m sure we’ll be enjoying our fully packed freezer come this winter! The actual numbers: 07/09 – 40g wild strawberries Fragaria vesca (frozen) 07/11 – 140g wild strawberries (frozen) 1900g strawberries (frozen) 07/12 – 520g mixed greens [2 lettuces (Lactuca sativa “Salad Bowl” and “American Brown”), chickweed (Stellaria …

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Weekly Harvest Post, for reals this time.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Because it’s July and suddenly I can’t keep up with all the stuff there is to do out there! With prime berry picking season just around the corner, it’s about to get really crazy here at Casa Kerfuffle. The actual numbers: 07/02 210g chickweed Stellaria media (frozen) 160g spinach Spinacia oleracea “Campania F1”(frozen) 07/03 400g chickweed (frozen) 150g lettuce Lactuca sativa “Salad Bowl” and “American Brown” & spinach (frozen) 1400g garden strawberries (eaten) 10g wild strawberries Fragaria vesca(frozen) 07/04 540g chickweed (frozen) 60g cilantro Coriandrum sativum(frozen) 07/06 2080g garden strawberries (half frozen, half eaten) 30g wild strawberries (eaten) 07/07 540g …

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