I can haz credits!

Yay, I’m legit! I’ve been doing the costume designing/wardrobe mistress thing for a few years now, but between all the student films and under-financed independents, it wasn’t until recently that one of my projects actually got distributed so I could get it onto my IMDb profile. Not a huge feature credit or anything, but it’s still something of a first and therefore a milestone in my rather choppy creative career. So here it is:

IMDb says I’m a costume designer! Whee!

Also, Abby? Keva? I’ve submitted your information to IMDb and you should have profiles in the upcoming weeks. Grats! It was a busy shoot and I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much for your time and energy.

The films that we worked on are available online through the Global Short Film NetworkThe Haircut is available in free streaming form but the other two, Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator and Not Evelyn Cho, cost a couple bucks to download. Evelyn Cho was the one with the most changes, costume work and prettiness, so this is me pimping it *g*

Now comes the really tough part — to try and wrestle a complimentary DVD from the producers… 😉

Top Ten: Hard Core Costuming Moments.

I’ve been cleaning up my portfolio and putting together a nice website lately, and coming across some of these photos put a smile on my face. There’s nothing quite like independent filmmaking to bring out both your creative side and your survival instincts. Sometimes simultaneously. Top Ten Hard Core Costuming Moments, behind the cut, with random shoutouts to Rockin’ Raquel and Daniela The Dinosaur. Good times, guys 🙂

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Today shall be spent on a shopping spree of epic proportions, since I have to outfit three films by… oh, say, TONIGHT. Because producers seem to think we have money coming out of our ears and can afford to buy everything *before* we get the budget in our hands. Sigh. It’s like, I love that I’m actually being paid to make and shop for pretty things, but all the joy is sucked out of it when you’re doing it at roadrunner speed with a looming deadline. And people wonder why I end up mail-ordering most of my own clothes. And …

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Hurry up and wait.

Am on the set of my latest film. Which happens to be about a boy who is heartbroken because his boyfriend is cheating on him with… a girl. Gasp! Yeah, I know it’s nothing particularly new these days, but it still caused a giggle when my producer sent me the script. And, y’know, our last location involved a club scene where the boys were dancing in slow motion with moody lighting and glitter falling all over them. Which caused both me and the AD to exclaim “It’s so Velvet Goldmine!” Hee. The location before that was on the beach. Literally, …

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Pride and Prejudice (Keira version) review.

Hmm. Just finished watching the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice and am feeling very ambivalent about it. Which I knew would be the case from the moment I heard they were going to be making it a few years back. I’m very devoted to the 1995 BBC miniseries, which was not only true to the spirit and dialogue of the book, but also had the time and scope to give a very long book the coverage it deserved. This was obviously not possible in a 2-hour Hollywood film, so I was just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. …

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PS to my last post.

And while I do admit that I can mostly be classified under “the mindless masses” these days, as far as my movie-going preferences go, I do sometimes wonder if they’re not having more fun than the people who are reading so much hype over the course of the year, whilst anticipating a movie, that they’re bound to wind themselves up to breaking point. The _Snakes on a Plane_ syndrome, if you will. Sure, I was there at Comic-Con last year when they showed the new footage, and I cheered along with the rest of that crowd of uber-fen. But then …

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Am waiting patiently for my new domain name to propagate, thus allowing my old website to return. It was never really offline, it just reverted back to an IP address after I let the giddyupnow domain lapse. Have since registered a new one to point there, so vast updates and a complete rehaul are probably in order to make everything correspond properly. How long does it take for a domain to take root, a couple of days? It’s been so long since I’ve had to do this that I can’t remember. Right, so I was going to post about hobbies …

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Cursed be ye!

Guess who just skipped away from work today with an armload of Pirates of the Caribbean loot, including the double-sided four-paneled promotional movie poster that takes up a whole wall? *g* I might just have squeaked like an overly-excitable terrier this morning when I saw somebody walk by with a rolled-up poster, so next thing I know, the guy is coming back with a couple more and plopping them at our station with a “shhh!” and a grin. *does happy dance* It’s ever so pretty. And large. Now, if only I could figure out where to hang it…

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2002 Movie Review

So it’s pretty obvious that we go to the movies a lot. (“”) We mostly blame it on being Southern Californians. It also happens that I’m the type that saves every single stub to every film and event I’ve ever attended. So when the annual film rundown lists started popping up, I thought it’d be fun to post ours as well, since it turned out to be rather impressive. In size, if not in quality. Heh. Merely the ones we saw upon initial release to theaters, not the ones we saw later in rentals. Because what’s the fun of that? …

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