More random London pictures.

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No, really — unless you are my parents, you probably won’t be interested in these pictures. Just stuff that I snapped here and there in my wanderings, of dubious interest and usually bad resolution. Motorbike protest outside of Piccadilly station. Very loud, so you might want to turn down the speakers if they’re on. Pretty view above Fort Horsted of the surrounded Kent countryside and beyond. Drive-by scenery of Kent. More drive-by scenery.    

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Random London Pictures!

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Yep, this would be the post where I put up completely random photos of stuff I’ve seen around town. I did the double decker bus tour last time around and took pictures of all the typical monuments, so those are NOT here. If, for some strange reason (hi, mom and dad!) you want to see those old touristy photos, I suggest you head over to my Facebook photo albums. Otherwise, brace yourselves for nonsensical picspam!

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Day 5.

Ah, the buttcrack of dawn. Something I only tend to see when traveling, because they only thing that can get me out of bed that early is a plane departing the country. I must apologize to megolas for the racket I made packing and lugging my bags around before I left. She was a most gracious hostess and I will miss her most-entertaining company greatly. An hour on the bus and another hour on the Underground took me back to Heathrow. Passing through security and various checkpoints with no hitches and hours to spare, I grabbed breakfast at that Irish …

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Day 4.

Unfortunately, megolas could not get out of work on Monday, so she had to spend the day being gainfully employed. I, on the other hand, am glad to say that I did nothing of the sort 🙂 Having heard all sorts of horror stories about the dangers of traditional pre-cultural-boom English dishes, I decided they had to be experienced. Call me a masochist. Hopping over to the cafe across the street of Meg’s work, I ordered up a full breakfast and was summarily greeted by a plate of animal products and starch, covered in grease. Yes, I actually ate most …

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Day 3.

Stayed in and studied up on bandom, with help from my helpful guide, megolas. Was directed towards pages of rather engrossing picspam, wherein I learned to appreciate the many talents of Frank Iero’s mouth and the amazing abilities of many emo boys to have completely flat trousers fronts, despite wearing stuff that looks painted on. Really, where does it all go? Or maybe I don’t want to know? I’m both disturbed and fascinated. Also ripped a respectable stack of CDs to help in my research efforts. Because really, I’m currently an orphaned fan after y’all departed so suddenly for greener …

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Day 2.

In which we shopped. A lot. Getting up and out in the morning was annoying, but not in the jetlaggy way I’d expected. Probably oweing to my completely unstable sleep schedule (working films with 14+ hour days and unpredictable call times means you can fall asleep and wake up at the drop of a hat) to begin with, my internal clock just blindly accepted the system reset and continued merrily along. On the train ride out, we passed by nondescript alternating blocks of industrialness, suburbia, and industrial surburbia. I know that’s not exactly the wild heath-filled moorlands or patchwork fields …

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Day 1.

So the major thing I learned yesterday was that 2007 is the centenary of scouting and that England is hosting a massive World Scout Jamboree to celebrate. In practice, this meant that for most of my journey eastwards, I was crammed into planes, trains and just about every other standing space available with what must have been a good percentage of the 40,000 scouts making their way back to the mothership. I was never very fond of teenagers, even when I was one. So yeah, sleep on the flight? Not so much. One friendly flight attendant did offer, very seriously, …

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