Crab Quiche

Yet another quiche! This one, because I happened to find canned crab meat at the supermarket when I was out shopping the other day. Although that might not seem like anything special in, well, just about any other country, it was a huge and pleasant surprise to me. I use crab meat in lots of dishes and I was vastly disappointed when I found that most Finnish supermarkets simply didn’t carry it back when we first moved here. I’d have my out-of-country friends load up on it when they came visiting, which I’m sure got them all kinds of weird …

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Asparagus Bacon Quiche

One of the big things on my list for pre-baby prep has been to make and freeze as many meals as possible so that we have a wide variety of easily-reheated homemade food to last through the first months when we’ll (well, let’s be honest — I’LL) be too tired to cook. To this end, I try to double everything I make now and freeze the leftovers as fast as possible so we don’t end up eating them all ahead of time. It encourages me to keep cooking rather than rummage around for the easy stuff. With the whole gestational …

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