Gallery of a costume change wedding.

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So a little less than a year ago, I posted some early pictures of dress choices for our wedding. Of course, I knew at the time that there would be more than one (or even two) dresses, since Asian weddings just don’t work that way. Combine that with my wardrobe mistress background and the help of several lovely attendants, and you have a costume change wedding. Selected photos from the event and some dress pictures, mostly because people have asked. I’m still in the process of putting up the official gallery website with all the guest photos, so hopefully this …

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Life after Potter.

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So, remember ages ago when me and my two best buddies were turning out a huge pile of these wizard robes to order? We refer back to that time fondly now as “our little sweatshop that could.” Well, let’s just say that you can’t make that many robes without having some extra fabric left over. So several years after I moved on from that venture, I still had a healthy amount of fabric in Hogwarts house colors lurking in my fabric closet. Quite a bit of it is still waiting back in California for the next time I come over …

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Sarong Mixed Media Dress, Take Two.

A couple years ago, I threw together a couple items in my closet to make a purple sarong minidress. It was promptly borrowed by a purple-loving friend and has since gotten misplaced somewhere during the big move. Besides being fun and colorful, it was also a very comfortable and easy-to-wear sundress. The tank top had a built-in bra and the skirt was silky soft from years of washing, so you could really just throw it on and be out the door in seconds. I finally dug up my fabric stash and was delighted to find a handful of sarongs at …

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Frilly goodness for fall.

Did a bit of shopping on this past week, since I needed some new coats and such for the coming autumn months. Got a few pieces of outerwear, then had to pick up some marked-down summer stuff as well. I’m a year-round dress wearer — the quick addition of a turtleneck and thick tights are all you really need to take most dresses into cold season. Besides, short full skirts with tall boots are one of my favorite pairings. I can’t wait to finally break out my boots, scarves, gloves and hats! Funny thing about putting all these items …

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Frankencloset: Purple Sarong Mixed Media Dress

So you know that giant pile of clothes I haven’t worn for more than four years? Yeah, they’ve got something coming to them. The recent t-shirt makeovers just kinda got me to pull out all my equipment and muster up a bit of energy. Yesterday, I started sorting through stuff and matching them together for a few more projects. The result of one is depicted above. Mixed media dresses (pairing a stretchy knit with a woven) have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past year, so why not play with that? Before and after behind the cut.

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T-shirt Makeovers: Halter Minidress

This project started like most of them do hereabouts — with Sassygurl making an offhand comment and me saying “well, why don’t you?” In this particular case, she was bemoaning her lack of summer dresses. Now, I happen to know for a fact that her closet is just as jam packed as mine — and has just as huge a stack of “stuff I will never wear but can’t bear to part with.” The answer was imminent: we’d begin a series of joint clothing recycling ventures. The first of which launches this blog’s new category “T-shirt Makeovers.” Wee note — …

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