…in a sparkly handbasket, oh yes.

Overheard at work earlier this week: H: *watching a promotional video* Okay, so all the characters are in Santa hats, right? How come Goofy has a beard and Mickey doesn’t? Me: *without missing a beat* Because he has Minnie. H: … Of course, the ten minutes I then had to spend explaining what I meant kinda took away any punch that delivery might have had. Sigh. I am clearly underappreciated. Or, y’know, kinda sick. 🙂

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Work stories.

Because some people are amused by these. Including me. 1. “Where did I put my man-purse?” has actually been uttered outloud in the office by various individuals. 2. A few weeks ago, Goofy, who hangs out in our lobby at around 3 each afternoon, got hit on by this older, larger woman who we suspect wasn’t completely all there in the head. Besides calling him different names, asking if he had any money, and trying to get him to sit on her lap, she’d follow him around and shout after him. He’d try to play with kids and ignore her, …

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Cursed be ye!

Guess who just skipped away from work today with an armload of Pirates of the Caribbean loot, including the double-sided four-paneled promotional movie poster that takes up a whole wall? *g* I might just have squeaked like an overly-excitable terrier this morning when I saw somebody walk by with a rolled-up poster, so next thing I know, the guy is coming back with a couple more and plopping them at our station with a “shhh!” and a grin. *does happy dance* It’s ever so pretty. And large. Now, if only I could figure out where to hang it…

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