A hockey scarf and cat hat.

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I started crocheting again last week. Picking it up again reminds me of many things — crazy times as a senior at UCLA (the last time I went on a huge crocheting binge), how tired my fingers can get, and and how much I love yarn. Also, that I need to keep a much closer eye on my gauge/tension! These were the first two projects I completed. Click on picture for a Ravelry link that will take you to more details. A scarf done in T’s favorite hockey team colors. A hat and glittens set dedicated to our favorite giant …

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So I started an account on Ravelry late last October but didn’t really bother to delve too deeply into it until recently, when a local friend mentioned that she had found several very interested patterns from just flipping through pages there. Decided it was time to give it a closer look and have now updated my profile and added all the old projects that have been floating around on my computer. It’s nice to have everything all orderly! Now I can start posting about the new projects I’ve been working on, which are hopefully the beginning of a productive streak. …

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