Pin There, Done That: Sensory Bottles, Part 1

This was one of those projects that I had been meaning to make since Blob was one, but didn’t get around to doing until January of this year. To be fair, though, there is far less choice for large, sturdy plastic bottles in Finland, since they are considered horribly wasteful. Innocent Juice made the ones I was most happy with, so I started saving my juice bottles after we were done with them. The plastic is not as thick as I would like, but still highly resilient to toddler abuse. The mouth is wide enough to fit a variety of items …

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Pin There, Done That: Flower Ice Blocks

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I’ve seen how-to posts for doing flower ice cubes before, but not too many for doing larger blocks. Probably because the only places these remain viable for any length of time is in the frozen north. Lots of talk of wedding centerpieces and luminaries, mostly. However, on a trip to the garden store a few years ago, I saw that they had done several blocks using what I assume were leftover tulips from their florist counter. The effect was lovely and Finland can easily spend a few months below zero (Celsius) so they will last for longer than any other fresh bouquet …

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Lace Picture Frame Earring Holder

I made this little thing early last year, after getting tired of constantly rummaging through little boxes filled with loose earrings trying to find a pair to wear on any particular day. I’d previously slapped something together back at the apartment using lace and a plastic hanger, but figured I’d go for a more presentable look now that we are homeowners and all. An old picture frame was pressed into service. I’d always thought it was a bit on the clunky side when used for photos, but the aged metal and wood make a nice contrast when paired with colorful …

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