Interview With the Sauce Vampire

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Coco, our younger cat, is affectionately referred to hereabouts as the sauce vampire. It happens almost every time the wet food gets set out in the mornings. She comes racing up to the bowl and then proceeds to suck down every little drop of sauce or gel that she can reach. Then she saunters off disinterestedly, leaving the solid bits to dry out or meet whatever other fate waits for drool-covered leftovers. …which is usually when Misu comes strolling by and notices “hey, food!” I am pretty sure she has no idea that the stuff usually comes out of the package …

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He’s a calico.

Not really a post, just a blurb with photos. Because The Monkey (aka The Blob, Megasuck, and various other names that are not his officially registered name. I will get around to explaining them at some point.) has two differently colored eyebrows. His right one is blond and his left one is brunet, little weirdo. I noticed it when he was a couple days old, but it was hard to really get a picture without the right lighting because the lighter one is really light. They happen to be the same colors as our calico, Coco. Yeah, I totally just compared our infant son …

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Furry potatoes of the couch.

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We own a computer couch. It’s a three-seater fluffy maroon thing with reclining seats and we’re quite pleased with it. We got the idea from our friends in Turku, who just gave up on computer chairs and pushed their entire couch up to their computers for more convenient lounging. It’s ridiculously comfortable. The cats think so, too, though there is only one empty seat in the middle between us so they have to compete for who gets to sprawl there every night. Usually Misu wins due to sheer bulk, and Coco ends up perched on the back cushion of the …

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Return of Caturday.

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Our Siamese calico Coco doesn’t get as much blog exposure as Misu does. This is mostly because she has more self-respect and is less likely to be found in compromising positions. Still, she is a pretty little thing and deserves attention. Here she is lounging on the cat tree when it was still brand new (August 2012 or thereabouts).

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And all these weeks we thought they were sleeping under the bed when we didn’t hear from them. At least this explains why the freshly starched and ironed shirts were so furry…

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