I am duck paparazzi.


There’s this pair of ducks that nests every year in the little planted oasis with the waterfall next to our apartment complex’s main pool. They like taking leisurely strolls around the greens and sometimes hang out in the other areas as well. We’ve seen them every spring over the past few years and this year was no exception. A few weekends ago, Mr. and Mrs. Duck were taking an early morning constitutional around the parking lot. I saw them and wondered outloud if they had nested yet. I got my answer yesterday morning.


They had 7 ducklings this year! The lovely mother paraded them by my front door right as I was headed out with a couple bags of trash for the bin. I grabbed my camera and tagged after them for a while, since she’s never been very afraid of people and usually lets me get right up close to her. I figured I’d try to get a shot of those adorable fuzzy babies.

Two more ducky pictures and 2 streaming videos behind the cut *g* It’s hilarious when she stops, looks at the camera, quacks a few times, then just keeps plowing along. After taking some time to meet the press, mother duck resumed her walk through the complex, across the parking lot, and through the fence that led to the regional park next door. I’m sure the babies are spending their first full day on the pond as we speak 🙂

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Memorable License Plates.

I understand the appeal of personalized license plates, I really do. I’d just never want one myself. The point is to make your car more recognizable, right? Which could be really inconvenient if you were trying to, say, escape the scene of a crime. Not that I do lots of things that would require a quick getaway, mind you, but I like to keep my options open. Heck, I’m still trying to convince the mechanic that installing a mounted rocket cannon, ejection seats, and an engine scuba attachment on my CR-V are all feasible everyday requests. This is NOT, I …

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It’s a California thing.

This sign is posted at Newport Beach pier, and we giggle at it every time we visit. Not only because the giant wave is obviously going to catch poor Stick Figure Man before he can climb up the extremely steep hill, but because it is a completely useless reference for the area. What I should have done is take a picture of the attached beach, parking lot, streets, and city stretching for miles inland from that point — which are all as flat and sea level as you please. It would take a LOT more running inland than most flip-flop …

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Not your everyday sammich.

Mmm. Brie and capicola on a toasted baguette for breakfast. A new Fresh and Easy just opened across the street and I might be slightly excited about the convenience with which I can now run out to pick up random ingredients for my culinary experiments. Which, granted, don’t always turn out quite the way I’d expect, but luckily the boy has a strong stomach. Hee.

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So the thing about Southern California is that you can always count on seeing a really spectacular car accident every other day or so. It’s sort of taken for granted here that the majority of us will at some point or another end up in one. We go to our cars fatalistically each morning and run that gambit, much like the way people in hurricane country wait out those inevitable storms. Still, the one I encountered this morning on the way to the grocery store was a real five-star winner. Taking up five lanes of traffic takes some doing. And …

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“You forgot fluffy!”

I just discovered today that apparently, the western gray squirrel (Sciurus griseus) is considered a threatened species by the federal government. Sadly, my first response to this was to bust out laughing. Now, I love animals, truly I do. Was studying to be a vet not so long ago, even. Have a history of supporting various conservation groups. It’s just. Well, if you’ve ever met an UCLA squirrel, it’d make more sense. The buggers are possessed. Like, we’re talking large and in charge. Let me tell a story. So once, I was having a nice lunch on a nice grassy …

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