He’s a calico.

Not really a post, just a blurb with photos. Because The Monkey (aka The Blob, Megasuck, and various other names that are not his officially registered name. I will get around to explaining them at some point.) has two differently colored eyebrows. His right one is blond and his left one is brunet, little weirdo. I noticed it when he was a couple days old, but it was hard to really get a picture without the right lighting because the lighter one is really light. They happen to be the same colors as our calico, Coco. Yeah, I totally just compared our infant son …

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It followed us home, can we keep it?

Soooo. Short version? We have one of these now: Long version? Here we go. Not for the squeamish, be forewarned. Tuesday, May 13th, 6PM or thereabouts. Hubby had just got home from a grocery run after work and we were settling down to watch the latest Game of Thrones (we are now two episodes behind, thanks to bubs) when I felt something go *pop* and a slight trickling started. Nothing dramatic or gushing, thank goodness, but definitely something different from the normal routine. I sat there for a moment, with a look of “huh, that’s new” on my face, before …

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