Return of the berries of the sea.

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This post is dedicated to Keva, who hates eggs. She made a fuss about my previous post regarding fake (seaweed-based) caviar a while back, so I thought it was only fair that I share with her the real stuff 🙂 It showed up in my local grocer’s fish refrigerator last month and I had to get a jar. This isn’t my first run-in with salmon roe this side of the Atlantic, but they were probably the largest ones I’ve seen so far. Still not as generously sized as the ones I got back in Cali but I’ve come to accept that most …

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Mystery Meat: Pâté of Ungulate

Today’s Mystery Meat comes to us courtesy of the specialty foods store in Stockholm Arlanda airport. Yeah, I know I won’t win any points for classy presentation with these photos, but these were just quick snacks that I snapped pictures of on the way to the table. Were I serving this for guests, I’dve probably chosen a nicer plate, prettier crackers, and encased the pâté in a pastry skin or something. But that wouldn’t have looked as much like a mystery meat, would it? These tasty chunks of pâté were a fine example of native Scandinavian wildlife. That ought to …

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Mystery Meat: Berries of the Sea

Yes, Mystery Meat is back! Because I’m really too curious for my own good sometimes. Here’s something from this past winter: It does look like caviar and cream on toast, doesn’t it? That’s probably why I decided to try this stuff out — one of the things I miss the most about SoCal is the variety of fresh seafood. You could easily get at least five different kinds of fish roe at the local Japanese market. Not so much the case here. The only stuff they have is salmon roe, and even those are teeny tiny in comparison to the …

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Project Food Blog #1: Reindeer Carpaccio with Lingonberry Vinaigrette

As many of you know, I am competing in Foodbuzz’s annual Project Food Blog contest. For the first entry, we were prompted to write a post that “defines you as a food blogger”. After spending this past week thinking about it and going over the comments I received over the past year, I think I’ve got a condensed list that says it pretty well. 1) I always post step-by-step photos of the recipes I make, since it can greatly help to see how something looks at certain stages of preparation. 2) I tell the unvarnished truth about the process I went …

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The Gravlax Experiments: Mahi Squared

It was a little over a year ago that I first posted about my adventures in homemade gravlax. Since then, I’d pretty much gotten our preferred brine mixture proportions and curing time down to exacting amounts, but had not often varied from that most classic of combinations, salmon and dill. Last week, we were feeling salmoned-out and it was time to try something new. I opened the freezer, stared at a packet of frozen mahi mahi fillets and decided that it was going to be the subject of my latest experiment. Now, I’ve seen mahi gravlax (the best way to describe …

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The Gravlax Experiments.

As most of you may know, I’ve been visiting Finland twice a year for a while now. This has given me plenty of chances to sample Nordic cuisine and of the many things that I’ve become a fan of, their amazing gravlax selection (readily available in little plastic packets in the deli section) is definitely one of the biggest. The cured salmon they have out there is much closer to raw — smooth and buttery — than the stuff we manage to find here. Most of the lox we get here in SoCal is the smoked stuff, which is usually …

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