Just another one of my keeping-track-of-alts posts. This one is in honor of my little draenei paladin hitting 30 and getting her warhorse mount. She went on a self-congratulatory shopping spree as a result, picking up several new pieces of gear and a friendly elekk mount as well. Hey, the chunky critters were going for less than 9 gold, how could I say no? And yeah, I’ve started taking off their tabards for these photos because it’s just hard to get an idea of what they’re really wearing otherwise. Which, in some cases, is a good thing. Hello, clown clothes …

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Azeroth’s Next Top Model.

Some of you may know that I’m a costume designer in that nebulous realm of reality. I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy/sci-fi and have done numerous custom orders in that vein in the past, along with a few larger projects. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite things about WoW is the constantly changing wardrobe with which you can outfit your toons — both my 70s have banks filled to bursting with novelty clothes and older armor sets. Well, after dawdling over it for a while, I finally deleted my 16 dwarf rogue, which didn’t have …

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They grow up so fast.

I started my WoW account in August of 2007. This July makes it exactly 1 year that I’ve been subscribed. As of last night, I have taken two characters all the way to level 70. While I’ve heard of the hard-core gamers that can turn out a 70 every couple of weeks, I’m still mighty proud of my hunter and druid. The only thing I would change, perhaps, is my initial racial selection. They’re both night elves, which meant that I had to repeat the same set of Teldrassil quests twice. A bit of variety there might have been nice. …

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