In which there is ice cream and flailing. (A mini Dough-ble Impact review.)

I popped by my favorite grocery store yesterday to refill my asthma meds and grab a few small items to keep us until our big supermarket binge later this week. They had moved things around since I was last there, so I spent about five minutes stalking up and down the frozen foods aisle, looking more and more perturbed with each round. There was not a single tub of Ben & Jerry’s in sight, you see. This was highly unlike them, since this is the one store that can always be counted on to have a lot of non-Finnish specialty goods despite its size. That, combined with a smaller parking lot (meaning I only have to waddle a dozen yards or so from my car to the front doors) and a tendency to stock fresh tropical fruit has made it my go-to place for most craving-related shopping.

So yeah, the disappearing Ben & Jerry’s section left me rather stricken. It was one of my major reasons for leaving the house this morning, after all. I finally gave up and went to the register, but thought I’d give it one last try before leaving. The cashier looked confused at first, then asked if I hadn’t seen the BIGGER case, exclusively stocked with the brand, that they’d bookended the aisle with. Which, no, I hadn’t. Because I’d been so fixated on going exactly to where they’d always been that I’d been staring down at the horizontal freezers rather than up at the brightly-colored refrigerator-sized case that now stood on the other side. I finished checkout and circled right back around to make a beeline for the case in all due haste.

After briefly considering one of the fruity Greek frozen yogurts, I ended up buying the exact opposite – Doughble Impact Core. Yeah, there is absolutely nothing that can be considered the tinest bit healthy about chocolate ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, and a chocolate fudge core. Except that I can count it towards my calcium intake and the cream helps my acid issues, I suppose. Not that anybody would even dare look askance at me, being almost full term and clutching that tub like a life raft.


I do not believe they have this flavor in the US yet. It seems that Europe gets a lot of the newer flavors and experimental combinations before they release in the States, actually. According to the Google, the Core line has only just been released in the US a couple of months ago? Whereas I definitely remember making my way through most of the varieties more than a year ago and being especially excited since it was the first time I’d seen peanut butter ice cream in Finland.

Erm. OK, quick review so that this anecdote has a purpose other than being hormonally-driven obsessive food ranting. šŸ˜‰ Dough-ble Impact, from the Core line. Every bit as evil as the description sounds, and exactly what I was looking for. I started off digging out and eating several chunks of cookie dough (they are very generous with them, which is awesome) then went tunneling into the chocolate fudge before even starting on the ice cream itself. It really is kind of fun that you can pick and choose what bits you want, sort of like having an instant sundae in a tub. If anything, the fudge and chocolate chunks in the other parts ended up making the chocolate ice cream itself seem almost light in comparison. *snerk* Yeah, this is definitely on the repeat list.

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