Furry potatoes of the couch.

We own a computer couch. It’s a three-seater fluffy maroon thing with reclining seats and we’re quite pleased with it. We got the idea from our friends in Turku, who just gave up on computer chairs and pushed their entire couch up to their computers for more convenient lounging. It’s ridiculously comfortable. The cats think so, too, though there is only one empty seat in the middle between us so they have to compete for who gets to sprawl there every night. Usually Misu wins due to sheer bulk, and Coco ends up perched on the back cushion of the middle seat. Both are within easy patting distance, so everybody is content.

The sneaky business comes when me or the hubby get up for a drink or some other reason — the minute a space is vacated, a game of feline musical chairs begins as the cats vie for the warm empty spot. Even though they know they will probably be shooed away within minutes when we return. Buttheads. Below, you will find a gallery composed completely of cats lounging and/or conquering our seats over the course of the last year or so. There’s even a few pre-couch ones of Misu nearly dripping off T’s computer chair and looking far too pleased with herself. Yeah, the furniture brush attachment on our vacuum cleaner gets a workout, let me tell you.

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